Have You Ever Wondered if You Are the Only Guy with Tat Regret?

You and your buddies all got tattoos when you were eighteen, some of your friends kept on getting tattoos, never regretting their decisions, decorating their bodies and being happy with their work. Some stopped with that one tattoo on their back or their shoulder, where, in the workplace, the thing was hidden. But here you are, stuck with a half sleeve of that bowling scene from The Big Lebowski that’s been holding you back from a promotion for five years.

There are so many people that are tattooed, there is NO WAY you’re the only one with a little regret; but it really seems like you’re alone among your friends. Well don’t you worry, we’re here to show you that there are others like you:

Pharrell Williams
Is there really anything left to say other than OUCH?


Johnny Depp
He famously removed the “nona” from his tattoo- which now reads “Wino Forever”

Marky Mark Whalberg
Mr. Whalberg took his kids with him when he got his tattoos removed in hopes of discouraging them from getting tattoos


50 Cent
He decided to remove most of his tattoos so he could pursue his acting career and spend less time in the make up chair.


So you see, you’re not alone, and the path the celebs took to remove their tattoos is open to you too! Laser tattoo removal is one of our more popular treatments.

Here are the three questions we get asked most often about Laser Tattoo Removal

Will Laser Tattoo Removal hurt?

Unfortunately, getting your tattoo removed is not the most pleasant of experiences and many people report discomfort during the procedure. Our trained staff here at BodyLase will do whatever they can to reduce that discomfort, we usually apply ice and cold spray to numb the area, and most sessions only last about 15 minutes.

Will Laser Tattoo Removal work for me?

Usually. Depending on the ink used, color, size, age and location of the tattoo. Black and dark blue tattoos are the most easily removed because the laser works by focusing on a color pigment and fragmenting it. If the color is similar to your skin, yellow and green for example, it’s more difficult to remove. People with darker skin may find that laser removal doesn’t work as well for them, because the laser targets pigments that are opposite of skin color. Even a tan could be bad for the procedure. We recommend you come in and show us your tattoo for a better idea of how it’ll work for you.

Will Laser Tattoo Removal destroy my life savings?

Getting your tattoo removed is more expensive than getting one, but because the treatments are spread out 4-8 weeks each time, the expense is also spread out.

Give us a call for a personalized Laser Tattoo Removal quote or a full package price. We’d love to see your tat.

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