Dermal Fillers Help Men Fight Signs of Aging

BodyLase derma fillers for menIt’s not only women who can, and want, to get dermal fillers to enhance their looks.  Deep lines, wrinkles, and the loss of fat from your face can severely affect the way you look and how you feel. Dermal fillers can be the perfect solution for you.

As we age, our skin loses its collagen which helps to support and shape the skin. All your small wrinkles and lines start to deepen, and other factors like air pollution, smoking, sun exposure and stress only add to the speed of aging. There is nothing we can do to stop aging but we can prevent its signs.

Where are dermal fillers used?

Botox is used for the fine lines and wrinkles in the upper portion of your face while the dermal filler is used around the mouth, cheeks, and nose. Dermal fillers also help minimize the appearance of the deeper lines from the mouth to the nose and from the mouth to the chin – typically called “laugh lines.” These fillers can add more volume to lips and cheeks.

How do they work?

Dermal fillers, when injected, can plump up your skin and smoothen out wrinkles and lines by replacing all the lost collagen. Small and controlled doses are injected right under the skin’s surface to fill out all the sunken areas giving men a smoother, youthful and firmer look. The results can last up to 2 years depending on the type of treatment.

Results of Dermal Fillers

After the treatment, you will enjoy a more supple, fuller and a plumped up appearance. The surgeon or practitioner will be able to tell you approximately how long the treatment can be expected to last and whether further treatment will be required to maintain the effects of the dermal filler.

There are no major side effects of dermal fillers except for minor swelling and slight discomfort during and after the procedure. However, both subside quite quickly, and a numbing cream can be applied, so the individual does not feel any injection pain. The total treatment lasts no more than 30 minutes.

To schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians, call BodyLase at 919-954-2288 (Raleigh) or 919-851-8989 (Cary).

How Men Can Take Charge of Their Face and Body

Bodylase - men spaMuch of the focus of the anti-aging market is aimed toward women, but there are many men concerned about their aging appearance as well. This demographic is largely ignored because most men don’t feel comfortable going to a spa for facial treatments. Spas are still thought of as places for women only, but just as hair salons have become more unisex so have spas.

In today’s world men and women are more conscious of how old they appear.  Traditionally men did not feel the need to stay young-looking, but our culture is changing and men are now seeking out treatments to maintain a more youthful appearance.  Spa treatments have become more sophisticated.  They are not just using creams and lotions anymore.  Spas use a variety of treatments that involve lasers, chemical peels and injections.  Many of these treatments are great for targeting problems that men tend to face as a part of aging.

As men age, the amount of unwanted hair increases. Instead of wasting time shaving these areas, they can now turn to laser hair removal. Laser hair removal attacks hair at the root, getting rid of hair at the source. No more need for razors. A few treatments can get rid of all unwanted hair, leaving the skin smooth and hairless.

Another problem area for aging men is the increasing amount of stubborn fat that gathers around the waist. Waning energy levels and muscle soreness can make the intense exercise needed to burn off fat stores harder. Science has come up with a way to get rid of this fat for a trimmer look. This is known as Cool Sculpting. Cool Sculpting freezes the fat stores in stubborn areas and then the body eliminates them.  The procedure only takes an hour and there is no down time.  Fat gone, trimmer body – it can’t get much easier than that.

With the many treatments available at BodyLase you will find the ones that will get back the youthful appearance you desire.  An expert technician will help select the anti-aging treatments that are right for you. Now men can look better as they age by enjoying the secrets that women have known for years.

Popular Spa Services and Products for Men

man facialWho doesn’t enjoy a relaxing day at the spa? In this stress-out society everybody wants to relax and unwind from time to time on a day at the spa. A common misconception is that women are the only ones that like going to spas. Well, that’s not true, at least not entirely true. Although women go to spas more often than men, that doesn’t mean men don’t need to relax as well as them. And spa owners have noticed that too. Men’s spa is the new thing and more and more men go and relax there. Why let the ladies be the only ones to have fun and have a great time at the spa? Being a man nowadays means more than it used to; you’re not just the person providing for the family, you have to be a great husband, a loving and devoted father and successful in your field of profession too. So being a man can be much more tiring that you can think, then it’s understandable why they enjoy going to spas.

A spa for men is the new, reinvented way of spending your time with your buddies. Most popular services at BodyLase, a men’s spa, are the facials for gentlemen that rejuvenate your face with every procedure, using products with a masculine fragrance or fragrance-free ones, so that you won’t feel being too pampered as women are, keeping your masculine statute, and chemical peels that exfoliate your skin of dead cells and improves your masculine look, taking care of your superficial wrinkles and uneven skin coloration. Other services at BodyLase that men go for are laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal; two practical procedures, and because men have a more practical sense than women, they see them very useful. Not having to shave any more is a great opportunity for them, because most men hate wasting time on shaving.

The era of men’s spa is here! No more neglecting yourself, it’s time to take care of you too. You will definitely love how young and rejuvenated you will look and feel after a day at BodyLase. Treat yourself with a day at a spa and understand why women are so crazy about them.  Remember, looking good is not only for women, you can be concerned about your looks too!

A Treat for Men: Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal for Men

It’s a man’s world out there, they say.  Indeed it is, but most of the time behind a powerful man stands a woman that loves him and supports him. Sometimes showing them how much we appreciate them can be a difficult task, especially when they come home stressed from work, nothing seems to improve their day after that. Being supportive is not always enough. It might seem like it should be enough, but sometimes you can’t fix their problems just by doing that, you have to start taking actions. So for once you should take care of him after all the times he has done that for you. Take matter into hands and do something nice for him, after such a long time.

Now that holidays are just around the corner you are probably thinking what gift you should buy him. Most men are not that passionate about clothing so don’t torture him by taking him to a shopping session, he might not appreciate it as much as we do. Buying manly items has never been our strength, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give them a gift to enjoy, for the holidays. Buying things for the house, for them to use, doesn’t really seem like a gift for them, but more for the house and that’s not the result you want. While buying face care products as razors and aftershaves seem a good and practical idea you could consider a better gift that will make him no longer spend hours and hours to shave. Laser hair removal is the best gift for someone who spends a lot of time shaving and could invest the wasted time in doing something productive. Although many men consider having hair on their bodies a sign of masculinity, you will be surprised how many actually want to get rid of it. Laser hair removal is perfect for them (and for you too once you get to feel that soft skin) and allows them to spend the time that once was used for shaving the way they want.

Help your man by offering him this lovely gift for the holidays. Support him by giving him such a great and practical gift. Help him feel great with a laser hair removal, and start the New Year feeling awesome, he will definitely appreciate it and will return the favor!

Eliminate Belly Fat Without Exercise, Diet, Surgery or Downtime

Coolsculpting for Men RaleighNo kidding!

It’s not supposed to be easy. The only way to a trimmer belly is thousands of grueling, back-spasming crunches, right? And nothing short of dangerously starving away every once of fat will take away those “love handles,” right?

Not anymore! We’re happy to report that those long-standing fitness rules have been obliterated by a remarkable breakthrough — from Harvard researchers, no less.

The science is called “cryogenic lipolysis,” or cryolipolysis.

Despite the sci-fi-sounding name, body sculpting by freezing your fat is based on a few simple principles: 1) Cryogenic means very low temperatures and lipolysis is the decomposition of fat. 2) The body’s natural response to extreme cold is to restrict circulation to non-essential cells to preserve heat in the essential ones. 3) Fat cells freeze (or crystallize) at a higher temperature than other cells, so they can be frozen without harming other cells. 4) After freezing, fat cells die as they re-warm and are naturally eliminated, forever, by the body.

Because the science is effective and safe when precisely applied, the FDA approved Zeltig’s CoolSculpting® non-invasive, thermoelectric cooling device to reduce fat on your stomach and flanks (“love handles”).

Does Freezing Your Fat Work for Everyone?

Available only by prescription, CoolSculpting is approved for those with a Body Mass Index of up to 30. A BMI of 30 is the bottom of the range for those considered moderately obese, a BMI of 25 to 29.9 is overweight, and 18.5 to 24.9 is normal (healthy). It’s clearly not a treatment for obesity or a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Although the frozen fat cells are removed permanently, new fat cells will replace them if your diet and activity levels feed new fat cells.

Freeze Your Fat Body Sculpting Results

A single CoolSculpting treatment, on average, takes about an hour and reduces 20% of fat cells in a targeted area; greater results are experienced by some or with additional treatments. Full benefits are apparent within two months for most. Ask your doctor what sensations to expect during and after the procedure.

Men’s Belly Fat and Testosterone

There are serious health reasons for men to be concerned about belly fat. Excess belly fat can contribute to diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and some cancers, as well as the health and fitness issues that accompany low testosterone. A study by the New England Research Institutes confirmed that a man’s waist circumference is the biggest predictor of low testosterone levels. It’s a vicious circle because body fat contains an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogens, a primary sex hormone in women. Having extra estrogens triggers your body to slow its production of testosterone. And the less testosterone you make, the more belly fat you accumulate.

Freeze Your Fat Versus Other Body Sculpting Techniques

Other methods to remove fat often require downtime to heal. CoolSculpting doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. After your CoolSculpting treatment you can typically get right back to your busy day.

Men, Do Not Try Freezing Your Fat at Home!

Put that ice pack back in the freezer! Although the science is straightforward, the CoolSculpting system is a precisely engineered medical device available by prescription only. It utilizes controlled safe temperatures for freezing underlying fat, a warming function that protects the outer layers of skin and a massaging function for circulation.

Have You Ever Wondered if You Are the Only Guy with Tat Regret?

You and your buddies all got tattoos when you were eighteen, some of your friends kept on getting tattoos, never regretting their decisions, decorating their bodies and being happy with their work. Some stopped with that one tattoo on their back or their shoulder, where, in the workplace, the thing was hidden. But here you are, stuck with a half sleeve of that bowling scene from The Big Lebowski that’s been holding you back from a promotion for five years.

There are so many people that are tattooed, there is NO WAY you’re the only one with a little regret; but it really seems like you’re alone among your friends. Well don’t you worry, we’re here to show you that there are others like you:

Pharrell Williams
Is there really anything left to say other than OUCH?


Johnny Depp
He famously removed the “nona” from his tattoo- which now reads “Wino Forever”

Marky Mark Whalberg
Mr. Whalberg took his kids with him when he got his tattoos removed in hopes of discouraging them from getting tattoos


50 Cent
He decided to remove most of his tattoos so he could pursue his acting career and spend less time in the make up chair.


So you see, you’re not alone, and the path the celebs took to remove their tattoos is open to you too! Laser tattoo removal is one of our more popular treatments.

Here are the three questions we get asked most often about Laser Tattoo Removal

Will Laser Tattoo Removal hurt?

Unfortunately, getting your tattoo removed is not the most pleasant of experiences and many people report discomfort during the procedure. Our trained staff here at BodyLase will do whatever they can to reduce that discomfort, we usually apply ice and cold spray to numb the area, and most sessions only last about 15 minutes.

Will Laser Tattoo Removal work for me?

Usually. Depending on the ink used, color, size, age and location of the tattoo. Black and dark blue tattoos are the most easily removed because the laser works by focusing on a color pigment and fragmenting it. If the color is similar to your skin, yellow and green for example, it’s more difficult to remove. People with darker skin may find that laser removal doesn’t work as well for them, because the laser targets pigments that are opposite of skin color. Even a tan could be bad for the procedure. We recommend you come in and show us your tattoo for a better idea of how it’ll work for you.

Will Laser Tattoo Removal destroy my life savings?

Getting your tattoo removed is more expensive than getting one, but because the treatments are spread out 4-8 weeks each time, the expense is also spread out.

Give us a call for a personalized Laser Tattoo Removal quote or a full package price. We’d love to see your tat.

Spa Treatments Just Right for You

Men Spa Services
Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or iPhone addict, we’ve got just the spa treatment for you.  With extra emphasis on youth and well-being, spa treatments are a necessity – not a luxury anymore.  Our services that assist men in achieving their goal is professional and private.

Keep Your Competitive Edge

Ultherapy for Men - Non-Surgical Facelift with no Down Time

Ultherapy for Men – Non-Surgical Facelift with no Down Time

Ultherapy is the answer to a non-surgical facelift. The laser treats underneath the skin leaving you with no visible signs of any procedure. Ultherapy is used to combat aging by stimulating and restoring collagen that lies below the skins surface. As the skin ages the collagen fibers begin to stretch and the end result is sagging skin.

Aging is Optional

Microdermabrasions, Medical Grade Chemical Peels and skin care, and Laser Hair Reduction can all help make drastic improvements for our male clients.

Unlike women who use skincare products from an early age and on a regular basis, men pay less attention to their skin. The lack of regular skin hygiene is also what makes men more prone to premature aging and sun damage. Men also need proper skin care because they shave regularly causing irritations, ingrown hairs and added stress to their skin. The skin damage is caused by the shaving itself, as well as shaving products.

Go Hairless! Permanent Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men love the convenience of never having to shave or wax again. No more stubble, no more razor burn, no more ingrown hairs, no more uncomfortable itching, and no more wasted time shaving.